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Cascade Travel is a leading full-service destination management company in Kemerovo region. We serve package tours, custom tours for individuals and groups and provides separate travel services both within and outside the region.

Cascade Travel is your trusty partner, our company exists in the tourist market 11 years. It is included in the Federal Register of Tour Operators and has all the necessary documents for stay of foreign tourists in Russia. Our staff has a high qualification in sphere of tourism. We have all opportunities to offer our tourists worthy staying in Kemerovo Region, interesting programs and high level of service.

Kemerovo region has attractive tourist resources. These are such cultural monuments as the museum- reserve Tomsk Pisanitsa where the stone drawings of ancient people are pictured and the museum Kuznetsk Fortress created on a place of jail, where the development of the south of Western Siberia by imperial Russia started. Also, there are some places in Kemerovo region related with the name of world famous writer Fedor Dostoevsky.

The main tourist resource of Kuzbass is Mountain Shoria, which is called Siberian Switzerland. The industry of mountain skiing develops rapidly and vigorously in Mountainous Shoria. Mountain-skiing complex Sheregech has more than 40 hotels, 17 ski lifts, 15 pistes with a total length of over 40 kilometers. Ski season lasts from November to March, there are always a lot of snow.

Cultural and historical monuments of federal importance
  • Museum Tomsk Pisanitsa, located on the site of an ancient sanctuary with rock paintings of the Neolithic period (IV-III millennium BC).
  • Museum Kuznetsk Fortress (1820).
More than 100 unique natural monuments (waterfalls, caves, mounds)
Camels – granite outcrops on the mountain massif Mustag, rocks Spassky Palaces, Celestial Empire Teeth – cave complexes in the upper river, Mrassu – underground lake in Usinsky karst areas, and more.
135 archaeological monuments from the Paleolithic to the XV century AD
Tombs, settlements, rock art, the Cemetery of Dinosaurs.
Architectural monuments
Prison of Mariinsk (1916, history of the Gulag), the legacy of Dutch architecture of the last century in the city of Kemerovo and others.
Museums and monuments
In the 42 museums, including the house-museum of Fedor Dostoevsky Museum Red Hill, an ethnographic museum in the open air – Tazgol.
Reserves and parks
  • National Park of Shoria – a unique ecosystem, including black taiga, wild rivers, cave complexes and ethnographic objects.
  • Linden Island of Kuzedeevo – relict grove of Siberian linden.
Infrastructure ski resorts
Ski centers in Mountain Shoria (Tashtagol), Kuznetsk Alatau (Mezhdurechensk) and others.